Are you closing up over the holiday period? Changing hours? Running on skeleton staff? Do you need changes made to how we normally answer your calls? Maybe you're not a current customer, but are looking for someone to manage your calls while you take a well-deserved break?

Whatever your requirements are, First Contact can help!

No matter what your business is, keeping the lines of communication open is an important key to success. An outsourced call centre can help keep your customers happy, build your presence, and give you a platform that can handle any new product or service you might want to present to the world.

contact centre serviceFrom the very first moment your potential customers are exposed to your organisation, they are left with an impression that can last a lifetime.

Our focus is on making that moment and every other contact perfect. Using the latest communication technologies, we professionally and seamlessly manage the contact moments of your business.

We will answer your phones professionally in your own personal way. Our services are tailored to suit the individual requirements of each business we represent.

Our staff are experienced in dealing with all types of sales and service issues, from reception duties, service call-outs to Help Desk applications.

We can make appointments, escalate service issues, allocate jobs, pass on information, sell products, process subscriptions or orders... Whatever your needs - we are doing it now!




Vodafone NZ

Vodafone is a vibrant and dynamic global company. Mobile is at the heart of what we do, but we are now becoming a total communications company. Our customers can benefit from a complete Vodafone experience in and out of their homes and offices.




Employers and Manufacturers Association

EMA are a membership organization that promotes the success of business by seeking to create the most desirable environment for business and adding value through representation, knowledge and support.





Gen-i is an Australasian company that brings together IT and telecommunications services to provide converged ICT solutions for businesses across New Zealand and Australia.


Most contact centres depend heavily on performance metrics to measure how efficiently they are operating and how well they are meeting the customers’ needs and the company’s objectives.

First Contact's reports pull real-time data from the Contact Management Centre (CMC) to provide users with greater insight into the performance of their contact centre. 

The Startel Contact Management Center (CMC) is a Windows-based, multichannel platform that combines queuing and routing processes, scripting and dispatching, and real-time monitoring and reporting for telephone answering services, contact centres, and other industries. It also manages and blends all inbound and outbound media, including voice services, SMS, email, fax, paging, and instant messaging.

We currently have a dedicated Fibre Internet link, 60% of which is dedicated to voice traffic. Operating on a SIP-enabled PBX allows us the ability to increase our capacity, both trunks and concurrent call capability, if required for an event or ongoing situation.

Intelligent Dispatch brings together all of First Contact’s dispatch options -including Email, Fax, Page, Secure Messaging, SMS - to deliver an efficient, mission critical service.

By using this service we can effectively meet each of our clients’ unique needs. We can set up automatic dispatch scripts for each client based on a number of pre-defined client criteria.

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