Intelligent Dispatch

Intelligent Dispatch brings together all of First Contact’s dispatch options -including Email, Fax, Page, Secure Messaging, SMS - to deliver an efficient, mission critical service.

By using this service we can effectively meet each of our clients’ unique needs. We can set up automatic dispatch scripts for each client based on a number of pre-defined client criteria.

We can also design escalation procedures, ensuring that urgent messages are addressed with urgency. Best of all, our agents do not need to decide how to dispatch each message – we’ve already programmed it according to your specifications! Intelligent Dispatch ensures timely, accurate and speedy delivery of all messages!


Messages are sent via email, fax, paging or short message service (SMS) through the Intelligent Dispatch Server. Client options allow the contact center to set up priorities, thus ensuring that messages for “high-priority” clients are escalated to the top of the queue and dispatched immediately.


Send the same message to multiple people using a variety of transport media. With a single command, the same message can be sent by fax to some individuals, by email to others, by alpha pager to others, and so on. Group Dispatch can be used for both Single or Extension accounts…fast, easy, done!


Define dispatch scripts on a per client and/or per member basis regardless of the type of dispatch selected, whether fax, email, alpha page, digital page, SMS, or a phone call.


Startel’s dispatch scripts are flexible and help to reduce the possibility for human error. They can be as simple as: all messages when saved will be emailed to the office manager. Or, as detailed as the dispatch script with multiple steps that are used on menu responses in a message. Human error can be reduced by programming dispatch scripts to be automatically sent when the message information is saved.


A dispatch script can use a single method of delivery, such as simply emailing a message every time one is saved, or multiple methods of delivery. For instance, if you have a client who wants messages emailed during the day and alpha paged at night, you can set up two different dispatch scripts that are time and day sensitive – one for emailing and one for alpha paging. In addition, messages can be delivered via dispatch scripts based on a response to a specific question and/or for the individual for whom the message was taken.